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Marijuana Could Be Degenerative Diseases Drug

Marijuana Could Be Degenerative Diseases Drug

During this time marijuana has always correlated with negative things like belonging to the types of drugs (narcotics, psychotropic substances and illegal drugs) that can lead to the culprit dependency, and lead a person to commit acts that do not fit the norm.

In a discussion with a couple of Marijuana movement, and Green Community Transformation, he insists marijuana is a miracle plant that always gets the prejudice of the public, because the myth is already growing.

Why did he call magical marijuana? Based on the evidence of scientific journals to informal research accomplishments from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds marijuana has many benefits that no other plant.

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Unfortunately for a lot of myths already circulating and absorbed by society, marijuana as if it had no benefit. As a crop, hemp has many benefits, among others in the field of health, traditional rituals, to the environment.

In her search for the plant’s Latin name Cannabis, the research found that the ancestors have even used marijuana to be taken advantage, as evidenced in heritage artifacts in the temple and Kris have symbols such as cannabis leaves five fingers.

Hundreds of scientific journals collected, coupled with the testimony of people who use marijuana as medicine, found that marijuana has properties that are better than chemical drugs.

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He pointed out, people with degenerative diseases such as breast cancer, lymph node cancer, diabetes to cerebral palsy experienced improved health status after taking cannabis with a certain dose over several periods.

“These benefits occur because of marijuana or cannabis contain a substance called cannabinoid. And the nature of this cannabinoid is neutralizing the body’s metabolism. Thus, degenerative diseases of aging because the body’s metabolism can be neutralized by this cannabinoid content,”.

The use of marijuana as a medicine course can not be indiscriminate. He called a third of rice seeds of marijuana seeds that have been processed into pasta was enough to give benefits to the body that are experiencing health problems.

“In some countries is not something foreign that the raw materials of drugs using extracts from roots, flowers, seeds of marijuana. A Professor of Aceh is being initiated that marijuana could be patented as a cure for various diseases course with research and a series of lab tests and clinical got approval.

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